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We are pleased to introduce the CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ of Meera Hashimoto 1947 -2017.

Basisbilder - meera painting 147 sq

This website and list of works is created by the Meera Art Foundation, a non-profit organisation established to preserve and exhibit the work of Japanese artist Meera Kasué Hashimoto and support the continuation of her unique style of art therapy.

The online catalogue is openly available to everyone to get an overview of Meera’s vast collection of artworks spanning from early oil paintings to her later preferred medium of acrylic and watercolor paintings. It is indeed a work in progress as we continue to collect information and photos of paintings that are in private collections.


If you wish to purchase a high quality print made from one of Meeras original paintings found in this catalogue, please send us your request by email.:

About the artist

Meera was a painter since early childhood. She studied Eastern and Western art in Tokyo, Madrid and Toledo and created many art communities. After meeting the enlightened master Osho in 1976 her style of painting changed drastically and she did not like to be associated with modern conceptual art, but wanted to give art a new revival. According to her the authentic artist’s expression should come from his joy and meditativeness rather than from conceptual thinking.

Meera was also an art therapist, who was dedicated to help others to discover their hidden inner source of creativity. For more than 40 years she worked all around the world leading painting courses and trainings that combined painting with meditation, dance and therapy. Her discoveries and unique style of teaching creative expression is documented in many videos and in her books.

Meera left her body unexpectedly in a tragic scuba diving accident in South Africa in 2017. Her husband and many of her assistants and students are committed to keep her legacy alive.


Short Biography of Meera Hashimoto

Textbilder - Meera-Osho

1947 Birth in Ishikawa, Japan
1966 - 1969 Study of art at the Musashino Art University, Tokio
1970 - 1976 Living in Toldeo, Spain
1970 - 1972 Study of drawing at the Circulo De Bellas Artes, Madrid and Escuela De Arte, Toldeo
1972 Co-founder of the Grupo Tolmo and Galeria Tolmo, Toledo 
1974 Travels to India and becoming a disciple of the mystic Osho
1979 Establishing the Osho Art School toghether with Geetesh Gibson and beginning to lead art courses and trainings worldwide
1981 - 1984 Creating and living in art communities in Amsterdam and Sicily
1985 - 1987 Creating an art community in California, USA
1987 Death of Meeras Sister Taeko
1987 - 1989 Painting for the illustrations of 42 of Oshios books
1987 - 2017 Conducting yearly art therapy and painting trainings in Pune, India
1987 - 2017 Conducting worldwide art courses with yearly trainings mainly in Spain, Germany, Italy,Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Brasil
since 1993 Living in Munich, Germany, togehter with her partner and husband; with yearly long stays in India and Japan and frequent travels
21.02.2017 Unexpected and sudden death during scuba diving in South Africa


















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