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Basisbilder - ReAwakening of Art

ReAwakening of Art 
Meera Hashimoto
published 2005

This book is about the re-awakening of art and creative
expression in everyone, toghether with a parallel growth
in consciousness. 


Basisbilder - Dancing Into The Unknown

Dancing Into The Unknown

Meera Hashimoto 
published 2017
by Meera Art Foundation

In this second book, the author Meera Hashimoto outlines
her vision of creativity and her new approach to art therapy. 



Basisbilder - Blossoming


Meera Hashimoto and
Yoshitsugu Kawabata
published 2000

A beautiful high-quality art-book which
combines fine art and poetry.
Poems by Satyam 
Paintings by Meera


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